Your messages to the Canadiens players

Hockey: - 12-07-21

As a sports journalist, it can sometimes happen that we find ourselves with our nose too stuck on the Canadian, following him on a daily basis, analyzing him, but sometimes forgetting what he will have done to the fans. So we asked you to send the message that you would like the Canadiens players to read from their fans. We have been buried with wonderful messages. Here are a few.

Thank you ! Thank you and thank you again! Well done to Gallagher and Caufield who went fearlessly towards the net despite the big players at Tampa Bay. Kudos to Price for his composure! Well done to Suzuki for the games he started. Well done to Perry, Petry and Weber for the inspiration! Congratulations again to Gallagher for his leadership! Thank you to everyone else for letting us escape the monotony of COVID and making us dream for a month! A great example for young people!

- Carole Croteau

To the Canadiens, thank you for reminding us of just how far commitment, team spirit, resilience and the honor of wearing the Canadiens jersey can take. You made us dream, for weeks, well beyond our hopes. We say “See you next time” because I know you will be there again.

- Jean-Jacques Simard


I take my hat off to you !!! What you have accomplished is quite remarkable, a lot of pleasure sitting in front of my TV watching these intoxicating matches! Playing against the Tampa Bay champions isn't that easy. Well done !!!! You can all be proud of you!

- Sylvie hunter

Like all hockey fans, the loss of CH saddens me. But having proudly competed against a talented team like the Tampa Bay Lightning without being downgraded is a victory in itself. The saddest thing is that over the years hockey, our national sport, has become American property and is run in New York rather than Canada.

- Jean-Yves Pilon

Nice and good little guys. Inspiring, hardworking, making us forget those days of confinement and loneliness. We talked to each other, encouraged, we dreamed. They put all their energies into it, hurt, stronger and more admirable than the big oxen of Tampa. We are once again proud to be Quebecers. Please don't get down on your knees. We love you so much, and Mr. Bergevin, continue to let go of your ardor, it suits you so well.

- Louise Cadieux

Thank you for these beautiful moments in unexpected finals. Thank you for allowing us to dream. Congratulations on standing up to the end. BRAVO, BRAVO AND STILL BRAVO for all the efforts made.

- Francyne Charbonneau

Thank you very much
Thank you very much
Kiitos paljon
Děkuji mnohokrát
Ďakujem mnohokrát
Tack så mycket
большое тебе спасибо
Hopefully Google translation will be done a little work .... Cordially.

- Yvan Lafontaine

You made us vibrate with emotions and that proves that when we want, we can. Thank you to all the players and leaders, it has done us good during the pandemic. Everyone was talking about hockey. My wife and I had a very exciting time watching TV, thank you again. 

- Germain Chapdelaine

I want to congratulate the Canadiens team for giving us joyful moments in this special episode of our lives. Thank you to the whole team and also to Dominique Ducharme, you are a team of champions. Carey Price, you are the best goalie in the world.

- Nicole godbout

Dear Canadian, you are many and from different origins, and yet, when you are called, you are under the same name: Canadian. Bravo for your courage, your pride, your unity in the face of adversity. You made Quebec vibrate, come together, what am I saying, Canada as a whole. Thanks, guys, and we look forward to seeing you again next year. Treat your injuries and we'll be there to welcome you when you return next season. I am so proud of what you have accomplished. Thank you. 

- Marie Quimper

Well done and thank you for the emotion. Danault must be signed. An essential player who has demonstrated his great importance for the team in all situations. A French-speaking Quebecer, a leader.

- Guy Gauthier

I am very proud of you. Well done for your courage and tenacity. Hi and thank you all. Price is now a Canadian hero.

- Francois & Florence

Your enthusiasm, your determination during these series made the whole of Quebec vibrate. In competitive sport, there is always a winner and a loser. But through this defeat, you have learned a lot and it is only going to be postponed. See you next year !

- Danielle Perrin

Well done a thousand times, you have been warriors, I admire you. I am a fan and I will never forget everything you made us experience, you made our year 2021 sunny! Thank you for all of this, you deserve a parade!

- Nicole Tremblay

Congratulations to a team that has been able to remind us of the good years. Thank you for playing with the passion that this logo brings. I am more than optimistic for the next few years.

- Olivier Tremblay

My name is Henry, I am 8 years old. Well done to the Canadian anyway; I am very proud of you and thank you for your excellent service. Looking forward to seeing you again next year.

- Henry

As the pandemic nightmare comes to an end, THANK YOU for allowing us to dream. Dream big and in blue-white-red! The pursuit of a dream allows us to keep moving forward.

- Jacqueline Desrosiers

Thank you for these moments, it was so magical! You made us dream and for the first time in a long time, we Quebecers felt united and united, sharing a common hope. Well done for what you have done! We love you !

- Nadia Doyon

Congratulations to our Canadiens players for their perseverance, their fighting spirit and their resilience in the face of all kinds of hardships they have had to face during this particular year. They have shown with the help of Dominique Ducharme that they have what it takes to win the Stanley Cup in the near future, there is no doubt. We have much to be proud of them, in addition to the beautiful emotions they made us experience and which have been good for everyone, in addition to giving hope in our collective future.

- Gaétan Michaud

We are so proud of you, dear Glorious! You gave us tremendous emotions and extraordinary hockey moments in this spring when all of Quebec needed it so badly. What great chemistry and what an admirable spirit of camaraderie between veterans and young players making up the team so brilliantly imagined by Mr. Bergevin! Well done for all of this!

- Gilles Normandin

Thank you to the Canadiens players for their hard work in the playoffs. They gave us a much needed tonic. One more proof that in life, work and dedication count for a lot, as much as pure talent. But if you combine hard work AND talent, you can reach the highest heights. (Congratulations also to Tampa Bay and to Jon Cooper, what a team!) Thank you once again to all the members of the Canadiens, we are proud of you.

- André Gagne

Don't be sad, be proud of what you have accomplished. I am proud of you, you made it to the final, don't forget that. Well done !!!!

- Louise Auger

I would like to tell them that in our hearts as Quebeckers, for us, they are champions. After all the obstacles they went through to get to where they went, and after fighting like they did until the last second, I am extremely proud of them. Thanks to this series, my enthusiasm for hockey returned, because like many others, I am not the games in the “regular” season, but there, I did not miss any of the series. Thank you, Canadiens members, don't give up, and I'll be behind you next season from the start!

- Dianne Sylvestre

A very big THANK YOU to this team which has resonated all Canadians from coast to coast. Sweet memories of the past, not to mention the wonderful coach Ducharme who knew how to awaken a flame in them.

- Francine Welcome

Thank you ! Thank you for making us forget the last 16 months of COVID. Thank you for making us dream. Thank you for bringing us together. Thank you to the young people for your spark of passion. Thank you to the older ones for your perseverance. Thank you ! And we look forward to seeing you again soon. GO HABS GO!

- Lorraine Arsenault