Three cities could be dropped by the Euro

Soccer: - 03-03-21

With 100 days to go before the start of the European Men's Soccer Championship, UEFA has indicated that it is considering dropping three of the 12 cities scheduled to host matches in the tournament this summer.

Bilbao, Dublin and Glasgow could suffer the ax because they are unable to ensure a number of spectators can attend matches in person by June, people familiar with the tournament's plans have revealed to The Associated. Press Wednesday.

These people requested anonymity to discuss the situation as UEFA's deadline approaches for host cities to submit their hosting plans.

UEFA wants these plans to be settled within a few weeks, after being forced to postpone the tournament for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The umbrella organization for soccer in Europe would like stadiums to be half full, despite the fact that most European countries still require matches to be held behind closed doors due to health restrictions imposed by local governments.

UEFA is ready to drop the cities that will not be able to guarantee a sufficient number of spectators in the stands for the tournament, since it sees a relaxation of health restrictions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by June.