Twenty-three members of the Titans are infected

american-football: - 08-10-20

(Nashville) The Tennessee Titans reported a new positive coronavirus diagnosis bringing the total to 23, a person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press Thursday.


On the other hand, an inconclusive positive result on Wednesday ultimately turned out to be positive. The Titans' facilities will remain closed and the team will not be able to reunite, which means Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills (4-0) looks increasingly uncertain.

Twenty-one positive diagnoses have been made since Sept. 29, and at least one case has been confirmed in eight of the past 10 days, according to a person who requested anonymity to discuss with the AP since the NFL and the Titans have yet to confirm the information.

The NFL has already postponed the Titans' game against the Pittsburgh Steelers from October 4 to 25.

The Patriots too

Separately, the New England Patriots missed a second straight day of training Thursday, after NFL MVP Stephon Gilmore joined star quarterback Cam Newton on the reserve / affected list. COVID-19 Wednesday. The Pats also placed a defensive lineman from their practice team on this list.


Despite these findings, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said the team continues to prepare for their game against the Denver Broncos this weekend.

“It's more of a medical issue than a sport,” Belichick said during his conference call Thursday. We will adapt to the decisions and recommendations of the medical team, in partnership with the Patriots and the league. People who are familiar with that, with the situation, with the virus and the specific circumstances that we find ourselves in right now, the ones that have been around for some time and will still be in effect in the future. "

Belichick added that the situation is changing quickly for Sunday's game against the Broncos.

“We cannot predict, nor start talking about Saturday, Sunday or even the following days,” he said. A lot of things may or may not happen in the meantime. And we will react accordingly, whether or not the situation changes and whether developments are positive or negative. "

The Patriots were given time off on Tuesday, which means they could participate in their only practice this week on Friday, if the game goes ahead, as scheduled.